I’m Siamack Zahedi, Managing Director & Partner at A2Q.

Work Experience

Advisory Board/Trustee:
  Brilliant Stars School, Tripura
  2008 – Present
  Gateway School of Mumbai
  2017 – Present
  Furtados School of Music
  2017 – Present
  Green Acres Academy
  2017 – Present

Head of School:

  Brilliant Stars School, Tripura
  2007 – 2008
  Gateway School of Mumbai
  2012 – 2018


Doctoral Candidate in Entrepreneurial Leadership in Education.
Johns Hopkins University, 2018
Master’s Degree in Education.
Columbia University, 2009
Masters in Arts – English Literature.
Mumbai University – 2007
Why I Love My Work
The only thing I enjoy more than working on an exceptionally difficult challenge, is working on an exceptionally difficult challenge that is meaningful. And, what is more meaningful than solving problems of social relevance? My work gives me a great sense of purpose. Also, it is tremendously satisfying to spend each day working beside passionate and talented colleagues and clients that share a value system and goals that are aligned with my own. I cannot imagine doing anything else or with anyone else.
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