I’m Radhika Zahedi, Senior Consultant & Partner at A2Q.

Work Experience

The Gateway School of Mumbai
Co-Principal, 2017 – present
Math Coach, 2014 – 2017
NSS Hill Spring International School
Math Coach, 2014 – 2017
Math Teacher, 2010 – 2014


Masters Degree in Mathematics Education
Columbia University, 2009
Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering
TSEC, Mumbai University, 2005
Why I Love My Work

Throughout my childhood I was privileged to have many opportunities to engage in social service, and so very early on I felt a need for social development and recognized ‘service to others’ as medium that allows me to create social impact while simultaneously achieving personal growth. However, until my mid twenties, I had created a dichotomy in my mind – my professional work and avenues for social service were separate activities in my life. I could be an engineer and teach low-income kids at an NGO on the weekends. I pursue a career as dance instructor and offer my services part-time at a municipal school. Then, it dawned on me… this doesn’t have to be a choice if I was able to work and contribute to social development through my profession. I now work in education and have the pleasure of spending all my time engaging in work that I am so fulfilled by!  

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