Specific Services

A2Q consults with educational initiatives to help them improve specific aspects of their organizations that have a direct influence on the quality of teaching and learning.

Leadership Development

A2Q helps educational leaders to rethink their role and purpose by being authentic instructional leaders who distribute leadership effectively throughout their organization and empower all stakeholders to work cohesively towards a shared vision.

We do this by supporting leaders with reorganizing various key functions in their organizations, as well as helping them empower different stakeholders to take over those functions effectively. In addition, we provide 1:1 leadership coaching services to develop a leader’s competence i.e. the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to be effective and lead their organizations to success.

Teacher Professional Development (PD)

A2Q helps educational institutions to set up systems for systematic and sustained professional development (PD) of their team members. We do not conduct PD workshops or trainings ourselves, but instead focus on creating organic structures within an organization that enable PD to take place in an individualized, actively engaging, practice-based, collaborative, and continuous manner.

For instance, we have spent the past year setting up professional learning communities (PLCs) of Math and Language teachers across various campuses of the largest school in the world. We have also enabled organizations to identify model teachers and transform them into instructional coaches who provide ongoing 1:1 support to their less knowledgeable and experienced peers.

Program Design & Evaluation.

A2Q supports the design and improvement of educational programs being delivered in formal or informal settings.

A2Q helps conceptualize and design non-academic programs that intend to build the essential attitudes and competencies that young people need to successfully navigate a 21st century world, but that are not sufficiently addressed by mainstream education today.

We have been designing and piloting some interesting curriculum focused on areas such as mindsets & self-regulation, service learning projects, and student social entrepreneurship to name a few. The delivery channels for these programs range from self-paced online learning modules led by celebrities, to structured classroom experiences led by teachers in mainstream and alternative schools

A2Q evaluates the efficacy of educational programs being delivered in formal or informal settings, by helping our collaborators to define clear objectives for their program and then investigating the extent to which the program actually meets these espoused goals.

We do this by creating a logic model based on our scholarly research and conversations with program directors or leaders, and then collecting meaningful data about all the variables in the model such as its essential inputs, fidelity of implementation, short and long term outcomes, and impact. The findings from this data are then analyzed collaboratively by A2Q and relevant program stakeholders, which gives birth to both conclusions about the program’s efficacy as well as recommendations for optimizing it in future.

We recently evaluated a government capacity-building program for its mentor teachers and wrote a detailed report for the State Council of Educational Research & Training (SCERT), New Delhi.

School Quality Assessment (SQA)

A2Q helps educational institutions to reflect on their performance by assessing the extent to which their current reality reflects their vision and long-term goals. We do this by investigating the efficacy of an institution’s leadership, curriculum, professional capacity, learning climate, and parent-community partnerships. This exercise allows an institution to identify gaps between their desired and actual performance, and create strategic plans that address such gaps in a systematic and evidence-based manner.

Our SQA process is conducted over three phases described below.
  • Study & Plan

    A2Q studies and synthesizes a pool of credible scholarly research in the areas being investigated, and creates a logical framework to organize the findings. This framework forms the base for a research plan by defining what exactly needs to be assessed in the institution’s context and the research design for the same.

  • Explore & Investigate

    A2Q then uses a combination of observations, surveys, interviews, focus groups, and document analysis to assess the institution’s current status with all the variables from the research plan designed in phase 1. We also consult with leaders and team members beforehand to ensure that all survey and interview questions are respondent-friendly and contextually appropriate.

  • Analyze & Strategize

    A2Q and the institution’s leaders then meet to analyze the primary data collected, and make conclusions about the organization’s strengths and areas of improvement. This exercise concludes in the design of a 3-5 year strategic plan for the organization, that leverages its strengths and resources towards addressing and optimizing its areas of improvement.

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