School Establishment

We design internationally acclaimed schools and non-formal educational programs, from scratch!

A2Q helps design and set up innovative schools that offer formal and informal educational programs for children and youth. We are passionate about improving the quality of education currently accessible to children and youth, especially those who are marginalized as a result of their socioeconomic status, gender, geographical location, or disability.

Our Managing Director, Siamack Zahedi, has spearheaded the design and establishment of two innovative schools in India, both of which have been recognized as Ashoka Changemaker Schools for their exceptional educational models and organizational practices.

To read more about The Gateway School of Mumbai and Brilliant Stars School, check out our Projects page.

Our School Establishment projects are typically implemented in the following sequence of steps or phases:

New School Design

Research & Development

A2Q conducts primary and secondary research to understand the current needs of the market and identify evidence-based solutions. This process concludes in the creation of a Logic Model describing the proposed school’s vision, objectives, practices, and resources.

Curriculum & Infrastructure Design

A2Q works collaboratively with the founding team to conceptualize and design educational programs and learning environments that align the school’s vision and founding values. We draw on evidence and expertise from the field wherever necessary to ensure that our end-products are of a high quality.

Recruitment and Capacity-Building

A2Q supports the recruitment of leaders, staff, and other personnel for the school and designs systems for their training and ongoing professional development.

Marketing & Enrollment

A2Q supports the founding team to market and promote the school in a way that clearly communicates the school’s vision and values, to enable a high level of buy-in from families and optimize enrollment.

Ongoing Implementation Support

A2Q works collaboratively with the school’s leadership to help them share a clear vision, engage all stakeholders, support classroom teaching and learning, and become data-driven decision makers. We support the leaders in this fashion until they are empowered to independently sustain high quality teaching and learning in their organization.

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