Kashvi Learning Centers


Kashvi Learning Centers (KLC), a project by the KCT Group Trust (KCTGT), offer informal education and skill development programs to adolescent and young adult girls that have dropped out of school. KCTGT is a non-profit organization and the CSR initiative of the KCT Group – a huge conglomerate of pioneering companies engaged in coal mining, infrastructure, real estate, manufacturing, and aquaculture in India.

Scope of Work

After conducting a needs assessment to empathize with low-income communities in Wards 2 and 6 of Kolkata, A2Q is supporting KLC to develop an appropriate alternative school curriculum that strategically meets the needs of girls in these areas who have dropped out of school. The end-goal of this program is to provide its students with critical academic qualifications along with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to take charge of their lives and become financially independent. This project will also engage in the education of the girls families and the communities, in order to address broader societal issues of gender inequality and injustice.

Project Timeline
  • October 2017

    Met with the KCT leaders to analyze data from A2Q’s needs assessment, identify resources and needs within the girls’ unique context, and create a strategic plan to address needs identified.

  • September 2017

    Investigated the problem of girl disempowerment in low-income communities living in Wards 2 and 3 of Kolkata, to empathize with their context and needs.  

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